- Good local pasta
- Garlic
- Olive Oil
- Squash (Butternut is great) and mushrooms
- Lightly toasted, unsalted walnuts
- Sage
- Parmesan Cheese
- Heavy Cream
- S&P
1) Boil pasta and cook until 90% done (SAVE PASTA WATER)
2) Mince garlic and chop herbs
3) In separate saute pan, heat olive oil to medium heat.
4) Add herbs and garlic and toast until just turning golden brown
5) Quickly add veggies until warm (We don't want garlic to burn)
6) Add heavy cream and 90% cooked pasta
7) Stir and slowly start adding parmesan cheese and a splash of pasta water
8) Once you get a good creamy coating on the noodles and veggies, add S&P to taste
9) Enjoy!
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